Jennifer Brinn: Reiki of Marin

Photo provided by Reiki of Marin

A sacred space in Marin for healing and more.

What makes women so effective at business and customer relations?
We are wired to be more empathic, which helps us read people, intuit situations and be solutions-based. There’s nothing more empowered than a woman who is grounded in her higher self.

Are you doing anything special to nurture the next generation of female business leaders?
I offer scholarships and mentoring to minority women to become reiki practitioners, build their own business and claim their spot in the wellness industry.

What do you want people to know about your business?
Our services have expanded to include high-quality acupuncture, massage therapy, weekly meditation classes, soul-nourishing workshops and even reiki for kids.

Reiki of Marin | 300 Valley Street, Ste. 202, Sausalito 94965 | 415.430.5813 | | | IG, FB: @reikimarin