Jennifer Brinn: Reiki of Marin

Photo provided by Reiki of Marin

Find a more calm and centered you.

What is it about you that makes you a wellness expert?
As a Reiki healer and teacher for 20 years in the Bay Area, my work is trauma-informed, drawing from holistic disciplines of energy healing, somatic experiencing and spiritual guidance. This helps you regulate stress responses and improve coping strategies, which calm the nervous system and ultimately leads you to a place of wholeness.

What is your unique approach to wellness that sets you apart in the industry?
Good health, wellness and even true beauty is best attained from a calm, regulated nervous system. At Reiki of Marin, our primary focus is to help you feel ease in your body so you become more resilient and responsive to the stressors of daily life.

Why is now the best time to focus on wellness?
November is a perfect time to get grounded and centered before the “holidaze.” Moving through the holiday season with more mindfulness and self-awareness helps us to feel less depleted and more nourished and fulfilled.

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