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Jennifer Bowman

Embracing change and technology to give her clients a leg up in a competitive market.


What is it about you and your business that makes you a visionary?
I embrace change at every opportunity and continually adapt to the evolving real estate market, and I use emerging technology in our marketing and research that gives our clients a leg up in negotiations.

What is unique about your approach to serving customers?
Bowman Real Estate Group is comprised of professionals specializing in negotiation, marketing, construction, design, law and hospitality. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to focus on each aspect of the real estate process, creating a detail-oriented experience for our clients.

What new services and products do you specialize in that address our current times?
We have adapted to doing “business as unusual” in the changing market by embracing real-time video home tours, seller perspective videos offering a more personal vision of a home, virtual staging, and digital platform listing presentations and property evaluations. We have discovered how the current environment can be advantageous for negotiation and our clients love the results.

What sets your business apart from others?
Negotiation is the most valuable tool we bring to the table. Every aspect of our process has been tailored to provide our clients the best possible price and terms for their sale or purchase.

What are you doing to stay connected with the local community?
The third Thursday night of each month we host a salon (via Zoom now). We have an open Q &A discussion featuring our clients, friends and industry professionals.

What do you want people to know about you?
I am passionate, persistent and practical. I always do my best to meet the high standards I set for myself.

Jennifer Bowman

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