James MacPhail: Wines by James MacPhail

Photo provided by Wines by James MacPhail

A winemaker with a deep Marin family history.

What makes you a trailblazer?

I am the only winemaker in my whole family, and I never thought I’d be where I am today. But I distinctly remember, before my dad passed away, he told me to “blaze my own trail.” That was my first supportive “push” into the wine industry — until then, it wasn’t anything I had ever thought of before.

Have you started new services in your industry?
I’ve started a new business: Wines by James MacPhail — where, as an independent winemaker, I make wine for just nine clients. It’s complete full service — from “berry to bottle.” I am 100 percent hands on during the whole process, and I am there for everything. Since I own my own winery, I am able to control all of the winemaking aspects — with the exception (of course) of what Mother Nature brings to the table.

How do you raise the bar and offer your customers the ultimate in customer service?
The first thing I do is sit down with them and talk about the process — find out what exactly they’re looking for, and guide them when they don’t. I let them know what they’re up against with complete transparency — both financial and the unknown. I make sure they know they are never alone. I emphasize my “berry to bottle” philosophy, and that I never compromise on quality — whether it’s in the vineyard, barrel choices or my time.

Wines by James MacPhail | 851 Magnolia Drive, Healdsburg, CA 95448 | 707.696.5224 | james@tonguedancerwines.com | www.winesbyjamesmacphail.com