Home Service Roundup: Local Consultants, Designers and Makers

Orange room stock photo

AVI Marin
647 Francisco Boulevard East, San Rafael
Is it finally time to explore the outdoor entertainment system you have been eyeing? Or maybe the time has come to invest in home automation — after all, this is where we spend most of our home and work life — so why not make it the space you have always craved? Super Bowl party at your house this year!

Backyard Bungalows
Have you been dreaming of your own home office — quiet, free from kids’ toys and designed to inspire productivity? Maybe smart to consider an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The extra room can be used however you desire — guest bedroom, playroom, crafting room, you name it. Backyard Bungalows can also help you transform a garage or other existing structure into the spare room of your dreams. 

Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc.
325 South Maple Avenue, Suite 37, South San Francisco
Oh, to be a kid again. These custom-built, eco-friendly play structures made by longtime Bay Area resident Barbara Butler should be on every family’s wish list. Over the past 20 years, Butler and team have created hundreds of imaginative tree forts, clubhouses and lookouts for homes — everywhere from nearby Ross to southern France. 

Strawberry Village Shopping Center 800 Redwood Highway Frontage Road, Suite 121, Mill Valley
While this home store offers everything from furniture to fabrics to custom window treatments and reupholstery services, the bespoke bedding is what caught our eye. Calico can customize the duvet, comforter, pillows, headboard and bed skirt you have in mind. And when it comes to the fabric selection, theirs is second to none. 

Chef Leigh Trombley
As a Le Cordon Bleu–trained chef and former competitive cyclist, Leigh Trombley has a unique love for food and life that she longs to share with others. That’s why she does it all: dinner parties, nutritional consulting, personal in-home cooking, meal preparations and team-building workshops. If you are aiming to up your fitness game this summer, Trombley might just be your secret weapon.

Clean Slate Home Organizing
Busy? Moving? Organizationally challenged? Professional home organizer Julie Siegel and team are here to help. From staging homes to creating new organization systems and stocking pantries, Clean Slate works with homeowners, architects, contractors, builders, interior designers and real estate agents (oh my!) to find sustainable and customized solutions. 

Want to give your home a design update, but not quite ready to shell out the big bucks? Decorist is the answer. Simply choose your level — classic, elite or celebrity, each comes with a flat fee — share room images and specs, and choose a locally based interior designer to create your dream room, all from the comfort of your computer. 

colorful play fort by Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc
Three-family Play Fort (courtesy of Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc)

DogOvation Dog Training
With summer here, newly adopted pups are just as antsy to get out and about as we are. But they first need to learn how to behave, and with the help of canine expert Lisa Caper that (and more) is certainly possible. Also a licensed psychotherapist, Caper has the unique ability to train dog owners how to train their dogs so that you’ll be set up for long-term success. 

Frontline Wildfire Defense System
This incredible tool is an exterior sprinkler system that covers your home and surrounding area with biodegradable firefighting foam on demand. The system offers remote activation, built-in battery backup and wildfire tracking and system activation, all available through an app. Most important, this proactive hydration product protects your home from flying embers — the leading cause of home destruction during wildfires. 

Haven Home
From organizing to moves, closet design, space planning and furniture layout, Haven Home is a team that even Marie Kondo would approve of. Haven Home also offers online courses, workshops and gift cards. Check out the online shop for free resources like an eBook on Decluttering 101 and a Home Wellness Challenge. 

Leon & George
Want mature, thriving greenery to fill your home or office, but have a thumb that is a little less than green? Then Leon & George is the premium plant delivery service for you. Just visit the website, choose the type of plant and size, set up a delivery date and before you know it your space will be thriving. Leon & George also offers a selection of attractive planters and accessories. 

L’Aromatica Perfume
Loreto Remsing of L’Aromatica Perfume is a modern-day magician, combining botanical ingredients and aroma molecules into beautiful-smelling potions. We especially love Remsing’s custom scents — including room sprays, candles and diffusers — which she’ll formulate for private label clients or design with customers for home, office or retail shop use. Should your home have its own scent? Absolutely! 

Marin Feng Shui
Want to bring prosperity, happiness or better communication into your life? Then it might be wise to call Anne Cadigan, a Marin-based feng shui consultant. Cadigan specializes in the ancient art of arranging pieces in a living or commercial space to create balance and focus energy toward thriving in targeted areas of your life. She can also advise on buying, selling and remodeling homes.

Paw Zone Mobile Pet Grooming
This grooming salon doesn’t just have top-of-the-line equipment and natural products, but wheels as well. Save yourself time and money — and, most important, save your dog the anxiety — by booking a home appointment and Paw Zone will come right to your driveway.

four plants by Leon & George
Photo courtesy of Leon & George

R.H. Pulley Design
A talented team of two, owner Ric Pulley and designer Andrea Spencer have more than 65 years of combined experience in the real estate and interior styling industries. From staging homes — their specialty — to designing offices and curating art collections, they’re the whole package. Tell all your friends; the team serves Marin, San Francisco and Sonoma.

Rick’s Energy Solutions
1421 Guerneville Road, Suite 106, Santa Rosa
Based in Sonoma County, one of the nation’s top green building consultants is making our corner of the world more eco-friendly, one building at a time. Since 2007, Rick’s Energy Solutions has been helping build new homes as well as inspect and add on to old ones with renewable energy systems. We’re really big resource-saving fans, and now you can be too. 

Rolling Thunder Custom Home Theater
An award-winning home theater or media room doesn’t have to just be for the movie moguls. For more than 30 years, Rolling Thunder Group has offered the best in technology and integration across Marin and the greater Bay Area. The best part? When you’re not using your projector or loudspeakers, they seamlessly blend into your decor. 

Tom Remus Electric
Master electrician Tom Remus specializes in both landscape lighting — think outdoor kitchens and barbecue areas, ponds, walkways, etc. — and residential electrician services. Need someone to install that ceiling fan or dimmers or hook up your electric water heater? Tom is your man. With his 35 years of experience, free estimates and conviviality, you might just want to keep his number on speed dial. 

Tucci Lighting
660 York Street, Suite 217, San Francisco
This San Francisco–based architectural lighting design agency takes illumination to the next level. Whether you want to add some high-design lighting to your living space, rethink office lighting or upgrade your retail space for greater impact, Tucci can do it all. Don’t know what you want? This is where Tucci’s expertise shines — from mock-ups to installation and maintenance, you can sit back and let them lead the way.

Upstart Modern
Upstart Modern is all things art: installation, measuring and planning for proper placement, prep for moving, moving art to storage and even online cataloging. Trying to find that perfect piece of art to finish a room or considering an outdoor sculpture to show off this summer? Upstart can help with that, too. 

Victoria Hamilton-Rivers Interior Design & Home Staging
If you are aiming to fully remodel a home, stage it or just pick a new wall color for your office, you can’t go wrong with the help of Victoria Hamilton-Rivers. With a degree in design and two decades’ experience in the fashion industry directing exhibitions around the world, Hamilton-Rivers has an eye for decoration like no other.