Gregg Foster: Summit Professional Builders Inc.

Gregg Foster

This building team prides itself on communication and client support.

How does your team’s vision manifest itself in your business practice?
Summit Professional Builders was created on the vision that because the construction industry is challenging, stressful and uncertain, the clients need very personal, honest and engaged support to be able to enjoy the process. We approach every family and their project in a way that allows for a long-term relationship to develop.

How are you disrupting your industry?
We have a design coordinator on staff that helps provide continuous support to clients, their interior designer and even their architect. This staff is integrated into the team to assist in communication about purchasing, sourcing, value engineering, lead times and availabilities. During this age of supply chain issues, having real time information is imperative, so the client has someone to address every question. The DC position is a great value to clients.

What separates your business from the pack?
Summit’s success and strong referral base stem from a focus on effective communication, financial transparency and hands-on management. Our clients rely on us to add value to their property — often one of their most important assets — and to create a structure that provides ongoing enjoyment to its users.

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