Eric McFarland and Brad Krefman

Photo provided by Eric McFarland and Brad Krefman

Describe how you use resourcefulness to stay ahead of the pack.
BK: We are expert listeners that digest and understand our client’s needs and turn them into beautiful spaces to inhabit. Our no-ego, hands-on approach is geared toward fostering intimate relationships with our clients.

How do you offer your clients the ultimate in customer service?
EM: My team stops at nothing to meet our clients’ needs. House needs to be cleaned? We’ve got it. Need to donate half your stuff? We’ve got it. Find a home for that grand piano? We’ve got that, too. Our goal is to make the process as effortless for our clients as possible.

What makes your team trailblazers?

BK: We don’t subscribe to one particular look or style. Instead, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our project aesthetics. Just as no two people are the same nor the home they inhabit, so too should be their interiors. Successful design is not about my personal style but about helping my clients best express their own.

Do you have a unique Bay Area history?

EM: Well, I grew up in Marin. So suffice it to say, I know it pretty well. While I’ve seen things change and evolve over the past several decades, what remains constant is the natural beauty and amazing quality of life that Marin has to offer.

Brad Krefman: BK Interior Design | 415.384.4209 | | IG: @bradkrefman
Eric McFarland: Vanguard Properties | 917.685.8369 | | IG: @ericmatthewmcfarland | DRE #01897874