Dr. Faye Jamali: Belle Marin Aesthetic Medicine

Belle Marin Aesthetic Medicine (photo by Steven J Magner Photography)

With masks coming off, now is the perfect time to refresh your skin and face.

With the pandemic easing, why is now the time for people to plan for summer improvements?

With restrictions lifting, masks are coming off for the first time in two years. This is a perfect time for a rejuvenation of the face that has been largely hidden and perhaps damaged from consistent maskwearing. Many of our patients are looking to do everything from a skin refresh with Botox, dermal filler and facials, to a complete overhaul using peels and laser treatments. With the weather warming up too, our patients are excited to get ready for swimsuit season. Treating sooner than later is key, as some of our body contouring can take up to three months to see full results.

What new services or products are you offering your clients?

We are now offering the TruSculpt iD for fat reduction and the TruSculpt Flex+ for muscle toning and building. We are loving the results we are seeing when we combine the two treatments together. The best part is that each treatment only takes 15 minutes.

What is it about you or your business that separates you from the pack?

At Belle Marin we provide very personalized treatment to every one of our patients. We offer complimentary consultations and we are not pushy when it comes to selling treatments.

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