Doug Coomer: North Bay Candleworks

Photo provided by North Bay Candleworks

Unique candles for Marin County and beyond.

What makes you or your team trendsetters?
Our team is innovative and always looking for new and better ways to improve our products. We immerse ourselves and get constant feedback through artisan craft fairs and farmers markets, which can lead to new products.

Describe how you use innovation to stay ahead of the pack.
What sets us apart from the pack I believe is our outstanding customer service and individual product development. We stay connected with the local community through attending farmers markets and local artisan fairs.

What new product or gift sets you apart?
We are now incorporating custom engraving into some of our candle vessels, some which allow the light to pass through.

North Bay Candleworks | 757 Lincoln Avenue, Ste. 19, San Rafael, CA 94901 | 615.540.9331 | | IG: @northbay_candleworks