Don Vita: VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture

VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture brings experience
and a global perspective to each project.


What is it about you or your business that makes you a local trendsetter?
We care about our environment and strive to bring places that people can feel satisfied working and living in. We work to create that intangible “umami” environment.

What sets you apart in your industry?
We understand the business of real estate — from managing entitlement risk or peak capital to sales and marketing. Working closely with our clients, we assist in evaluating the potential for each project, helping to craft appropriate business models. This allows us to view a project from a master planning level and helps us understand how its vision can be reflected in the detailed architecture, site planning and landscape design.

How are you disrupting your industry and thinking outside the box?
Highly amenitized Private Community and Lifestyle Development is something that we have specialized in for nearly 20 years and we are bringing that expertise to new markets including wineries, boutique hotels and mixed-use developments.

What separates you or your business from the pack?
We value the true artistry that comes with hand-drawing plans, whether it is a sketch, master plan or a marketing rendering. Of course, we use digital rendering programs, but we have the unique ability to merge the two approaches which allows clients to envision the community from a technical perspective while maintaining a human touch.

What is unique about your approach to serving your customers?
We listen to both the land and our clients. We utilize one of our core values — empathy — to intently listen to our clients and deeply understand their challenges and goals. With that intimate understanding, we then craft design solutions that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture

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