Doctor Knows Best: Lion Heart Wellness’ Dr. Kim Explains Why Sickness Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Kim Peirano, DACM, L.Ac., doctor of acupuncture and founder of San Rafael–based Lion’s Heart Wellness, offers advice on how to be well and stay well, and explains why sickness isn’t always a bad thing.


“In my practice, intuitive healing refers to the way I gain insight about my patients and how I come up with treatment plans. I read a lot of evidence-based medical journals and texts, but I also lean heavily on my intuition for how and what to apply to each unique patient. I tune into my intuition by listening to my guidance and reading the energy of the body to know where to place needles or what to say to open up that gateway for healing. The world of alternative healing is vast, and there are tons of different modalities and healers, and even within a modality every practitioner will be very different in their approach and strategy. It’s important to listen to your gut instincts, and also accept that moving toward true healing requires some discomfort — maybe it’s the pain of an acupuncture needle or the realizations about what needs healing or letting go of. A healing journey isn’t always easy, but it is always worthwhile. When things get tough it’s important to keep going; you’re just around the corner from the real magic.


I use oracle decks associated with healing that help me connect to my guides. Often, I will use these before a patient comes in to help me get a good read on what the overall picture is that they are working through or how to help them. I also ask what I need to know about myself and how I communicate or interact in order to create the best environment for each person. Sometimes the information might be a clue to something the patient isn’t telling me about or it’s a general guide to what to address.

lion's heart wellnes
Dr. Kim with a patient (photo by Naomi McColloch)

Wellness to me is being in alignment with our true intention. Our true intention is our purpose for being here on the earth at this time, and it’s different for everyone — it’s not usually something we are aware of, but we can sense when we’re in alignment or heading down the right path. Wellness is being on that path, and healing is the process of finding it again. We can get off our path in a number of ways, and oftentimes illness or issues in our lives are actually signs to help us steer back; we just need to listen. When we start doing that, we can have a much richer experience in life, learning with our illness and even experiencing wellness while being sick — it doesn’t have to be one or the other.”

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