David Kasten: Creative Energy

Photo provided by Creative Energy

Celebrating 47 years of elevating comfort and wellness in Marin.

What unique products do you provide to help your clients enjoy beautiful living?
We offer an array of products designed to enhance your relaxation and comfort, including hot tubs, swim spas, fireplaces, and soon, cold plunges.

What makes your team a leader in your industry?
Experience. We have been locally family-owned-and-operated since 1976. We have won numerous awards over the decades, and continue to achieve a high level of customer and contractor satisfaction.

How are you staying ahead of the competition?
We distinguish ourselves by keeping all aspects of our operations in-house. Unlike competitors who outsource, we ensure a smooth process with complete responsibility, backed by insurance and skilled experts.

How are you thinking outside the box?
We continuously seek new ways to enhance the Bay Area lifestyle. By introducing cold plunges and partnering with the world’s largest sauna manufacturer through our hot tub brand, we continue to broaden our offerings. While phone calls will always remain the main way to interact, we’ve invested significantly in a texting service for convenient customer communication.

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