County to Mandate Water Conservation in Face of Drought

Marin Water’s board of directors just voted to mandate water conservation measures in the face of a historic drought. Reservoirs are currently at 48 percent capacity for May (traditional May average is 84 percent) and 2020 marks Marin’s second driest year in 90 years. Marin’s reservoirs are Alpine, Bon Tempe, Kent, Lagunitas, Nicasio, Phoenix and Soulajule and have a total capacity of 79,566 acre-feet.

Avoid warnings and fines by only watering landscaping pre-9 a.m. or post-7 p.m., look for car washes that recycle water, promptly fix leaks, make sure hoses have a shutoff nozzle and conserve water indoors.

Cynthia Koehler, president of Marin Water’s board of directors, is confident that Marin residents will rise to the challenge of reducing water usage by 40 percent districtwide. “Marin is a community that pulls together and knows how to conserve,” she says.

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