Corey Robinson: Journey Real Estate

Photo provided by Journey Real Estate

When technology meets superior customer service.

What makes your team trailblazers?

Although we take pride in being a boutique and local brand, we’ve worked hard to become integrated with some of the most advanced technologies and digital marketing systems available in our industry. By doing so, we’re able to streamline our operations and allocate more quality time to serving our clients.

Describe how you use innovation to stay ahead of the pack.
The future of real estate lies is in the leverage of teams. The notion that I can be the best at all facets of the industry is faulty at best. My team consists of a business manager, real estate coach, white label broker with a robust tech stack (Side), director of operations, marketing manager, showing agents, design/staging partners, contractors and painters, etc… Not to mention, we’re implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to gain efficiency and free up time.

How are you boldly paving the way?

Agents who solve problems and open more doors to opportunities are going to get the best results for their clients. We offer trade-in programs that allow clients to buy before selling while maximizing value, concierge property prep services with $0 up front out of pocket for sellers, cash offer programs for buyers and so much more. The relation- ships within the industry are vital as we identify win-win situations. In 2022, 25 percent of our business was off market.

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