Chelsea Asermely: July Collective

Strategic design for brands, businesses and abodes with soul — let July Collective become your personal all-in-one creative director.


What is it about you and your business that makes you a Bay Area design expert?
Through the lens of my clients, I see how those in the Bay Area both work and live, allowing me to better design for all aspects of their lives. From a mountainside homeowner to tech startup mogul, the Bay Area encompasses so many talented and inspiring individuals and families. Happily, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of them on projects big and small.

What is your unique approach that sets you apart in the industry?
My varied background in the arts allows me to look at each project from a strategic point of view first. With a solid foundation established, I build upon the intent with creative solutions to ultimately support the client’s goals in a beautiful way.

Why should clients consider you for their next upgrade?
I provide full-service, turn-key design through careful relationship building that enables me to pull together the right team for any scope. Having this single point of contact eases the stress of a large-scale project. From copywriters and photographers to furniture makers and general contractors, all the bases are covered allowing for projects that go the extra mile from start to finish.

Why is good design so important?
Design is truly a visual form of communication, and we all know that communication is key. At the root of it, your home or brand is a reflection of your energy. When properly aligned with form and function, the stage will be set for your life to unfold more effortlessly than you could ever have imagined.

What is unique about your approach to serving your customers?
Think of me as your complete personal creative director. I see the big picture, and how all the pieces will support one another in achieving your goals. When every touchpoint is in harmony, the outcomes can be life changing.

Why is living in the Bay Area so special?
It’s filled with diverse individuals and aesthetics. My projects and designs are a direct reflection of my clients’ unique point of view and are comprised of custom and vintage pieces and new finds that support local makers who are full of personality and soul.

Chelsea Asermely | | 203.859.1597 | @julycollective

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