Chandra Alexandre, CEO: Community Action Marin

Chandra Alexandre, CEO

Well-being comes from being connected to community.

What makes your team visionaries in their field?
We have over 200 employees who show up every day for others guided by values of service, relationship, unity, and inclusivity. They’re motivated and caring, determined to help.

How are you thinking outside the box? Our approach embodies an understanding that people are not going to achieve well-being or self-sufficiency outside of meaningful, trusted relationships. As people, we need systems of support that are responsive to individual and family needs over time. Community Action Marin’s Whole Family Approach is designed to help people, as individuals connected in networks of family, friends, and community, to regain confidence and stability.

What new services do you offer?
We’re working to create more pathways to better jobs for people of low income. We just launched a commercial driver’s license training academy partnership. We’re also leveraging our commercial kitchen with a pilot apprenticeship program for people wanting to work in the hospitality industry.

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