Bethany Hornthal: HairToStay

Photo provided by HairToStay

Helping low-income cancer patients keep their hair during treatment.

What unique treatments do you provide to help your clients enjoy beautiful living?
Hair loss is one of the most feared and traumatic side effects of chemotherapy. HairToStay provides subsidies for the scalp cooling treatments that can help cancer patients preserve their hair, and along with it, their privacy, normalcy and sense of well-being.

What makes you and your team a leader in your industry?
We are the first and only national nonprofit organization dedicated to this mission of helping cancer patients afford scalp cooling. You can find out more, support our mission and purchase tickets for our event on October 9 at Club Fugazi in S.F. at It will be a high-flying evening of strength, balance and resilience.

HairToStay | 13 Peninsula Road, Belvedere, CA 94920 | 415.999.7121 | | | |/@coolerheadsprevail | /HairToStay | EIN #45-3419887