Beth McDougall, M.D.: Jyzen

Photo provided by Jyzen

Embracing technology, the new frontier of wellness is here now.

What is Jyzen?
It is the place where integrative medicine, nature, research science and technology come together. We have created a space where our clients are empowered to take control of their own health and wellness. We are guides, showing our clients the path to finding the solutions they seek to live better.

What makes Jyzen unique?
We believe that the future of wellness means embracing technology as a primary influence on how people optimize the body, the mind and the spirit. We are developing a digital dashboard that will allow us to track the key factors important to an individual patient and create custom programs to support them in achieving their unique goals. We will be able to layer biometric data, medical records, blood work and health tech wearables to create actionable programs. Paired with our Integrative Medicine practice, this insight allows us to truly unite ancient wisdom with modern technology for better living.

What inspired you to co-found Jyzen?
I founded CLEAR Center of Health 20 years ago because of my desire to practice patient-centered medicine. We founded Jyzen as the next iteration of that approach.

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