Beth McDougall, M.D.: CLEAR Center @ JYZEN Labs

Photo provided by CLEAR Center at Jyzen Labs

Transforming the practice of medicine.

What makes you a visionary in your field?
I am an integrative medical doctor and founder of CLEAR Center of Health in Mill Valley and author of Your Pristine Blueprint, The Missing Key to Longevity, Reversing Disease, and Radically Transforming Your Life. For 25 years I have been committed to changing the way medicine is practiced. My latest endeavor is JYZEN Labs, the new bio-optimization laboratory in Mill Valley that is now the home of CLEAR Center — it opens on July 5.

What inspires you about JYZEN Labs?
What really inspires me is to be able to legitimize bio-optimization medicine and put it on the map to show that with the right lifestyle practices, the right products, and taking advantage of the right technologies used in the right way, you can reverse disease, enhance your longevity, and live a vital life.

Tell us more about the lab.
We create personalized bio-optimization programs designed to help you meet your unique goals. Led by four integrative physicians and supported by the best technologies, we draw on an array of tools including brain fitness programs, autonomic nervous system testing, body composition analysis, respiratory fitness, IV therapy and our metabolic reset weight loss program to support you in achieving your goals. Everything is designed to ensure your comfort and to optimize your health, including UV sterilization of every room.

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