Bella Notte Has the Secret to a Better Night’s Sleep

Bella Notte’s color palette is inspired by the colors of Marin (photo by Elizabeth Messina, courtesy of Bella Notte)

One simple Google search reveals a bevy of sleep wellness institutions across the country. Someone seeking help for a sleeping disorder or support for building better sleep hygiene isn’t surprising — but what is surprising is a recent study from Sweden’s Uppsala University. Researchers there found that young, healthy individuals who lost just one night’s sleep dramatically increased the level of tau protein in the blood — an increase that is strongly associated with an elevated risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. We all know sleep is important, but creating a calming sanctuary to allow the body to rest and repair is essential — and one of the ultimate acts of self-care. A good place to begin? Your bed. And if you are looking for luxurious, nontoxic, locally made linens, Novato-based Bella Notte is a likely place to start.


“We spend half of our lives in bed, and we’re committed to helping our customers create a truly restorative sanctuary,” says the company’s brand director, Taylor Batlin. Made without harsh chemicals or toxic dyes, the artisan linens have been created in the Bay Area since 1996. “For Bella Notte, conscious everyday luxury means a commitment to creating fewer, better home textiles that our customers can live in and love for year she antithesis of fast fashion,” she adds. “Our artisanal dye process starts with hand-mixing our unique color palette and then garment-dyeing each small batch of product to order, using only non-hazardous and nontoxic dyes, as well as hypoallergenic softening agents for you and your family’s health.”

bella notte
Bella Notte's luxurious linens (photo by Elizabeth Messina, courtesy of Bella Notte)

And it is impossible not to love the peaceful, locally inspired color palette. “Our core offering is inspired by the natural beauty around us, each color offering a sense of calm … a range of blues and grays in Fog, Sterling, Cloud and Mineral echo where the sky touches the sea along our rugged Marin coastline; Eucalyptus, like the delicate green leaves found in Madrone Canyon; and Pearl and Rouge, elegant blushing pinks inspired by the Cecile Brunner climbing rose in our Mill Valley home. With each core color, we hope to evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility,” says Batlin.