Amanda Apesos: Resonant Water

Join the community and enjoy natural deep-earth water.

What makes you a visionary in your field?
Absolute insistence on the use of glass bottles in a zero-waste cycle of providing elementally pure deep-earth water.

How are you disrupting your industry?
A one-woman, boot-strapped startup is succeeding in bringing truly pure water to the community in an industry dominated by large corporations. We are using ethical sourcing, fair trade principles and sustainable practices.

How does your team’s strategy manifest itself in your business practice?
Every level of the business is created around elevating consciousness in how we treat each other, the Earth, water as an element, and all of life.

Resonant Water | 1121 Francisco Boulevard East, Ste. 2,
San Rafael, CA 94901 | 888-R-WATER-1 |