Allison Tryk: Floramye

Founder Allison Tryk (left) with co-owner Ruby Hackney

This CBD company promotes self-care and stays connected to the community.

What separates your business from the pack?

Women who own cannabis businesses realize that we are stronger together, so we participate in different collaborative networks. We work with other companies to innovate products that we couldn’t create alone and to mobilize, follow legalization and create inclusion.

How has the pandemic inspired positive change in your business?

We significantly improved our self-care as a result of the pandemic and designed new products that are as experiential as they are effective.

What are you doing to stay connected with the local community?

We hold monthly events in front of our shop like ear seeding, jewelry fusing, tarot and henna hand painting.


270 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939
800.484.0124 | | @floramyeCBD