A New Platform Will Help You Get Out the Vote in 2020

Illustration by Tiffany Dang

VotePlus10, a free platform that personalizes advocacy and activism, launched in Marin County in May with the hopes of getting one million users committed to vote on November 3. “Even before the Covid-19 pandemic created an environment of disconnect and inactivity for many, it was apparent that the community of people around me felt powerless when it came to having an impact on the economic, social and political issues that mattered to them,” says VotePlus10 CEO Ken Kurtzig. The platform requires just 10 minutes a month for voters to make a positive impact. Users complete actions to gain points and reach new levels, building a sense of progress on big issues. “We hope that by making activism easier and accessible to a wider audience, we can positively influence the number of voters in November,” adds Kurtzig.

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