A New Digital Handbook for Teachers and Students Returning to Marin Schools

On September 8, 15 Marin schools in Marin County were reopened for on-site instruction. But with that comes a lot of uncertainty for parents, teachers and students alike. To help, Marin County Public Health, working closely with the Marin County Office of Education, created a new online handbook and school status dashboard with information on home symptom screenings, health and hygiene practices, school arrivals and departures, the role of the school health office, attendance policies and protocols for returning to school after a student shows symptoms. Also included on the webpage is an interactive map that gives current school status along with the number of Covid-19 cases among school staff and students. “We thought it would be helpful to have a webpage to bookmark, where we have easy-to-follow steps on this gradual and safe reopening plan from trusted sources,” says Lenora Kwok, RN, Marin Schools Nurses Organization coordinator. “Our ability to get more kids back into school is up to all of us. It’s not time to relax our protective measures.”

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