6 Ways to Wine and Dine From Home

Courtesy of Free Spirits

We all miss restaurants. And most of us certainly haven’t been eating as well as we would like to now that we are stuck inside. Here are six delicious ways to bring restaurant quality to your table, while keeping health in mind.

For an alcohol-free January

Mill Valley’s own Free Spirits Company has created a revolutionary way to enjoy alcohol-free cocktails. Using a process called distillate reconstruction, the company distills and extracts the essential oils and flavors of natural ingredients like American white oak, European juniper and Mexican blue agave and skips the fermentation step. Those distillates are recombined in ways that honor the nose, taste and mouthfeel of bourbon, gin and tequila (vitamins B3 and B6 and amino acids are added for a little extra lift). Just replace all or part of the spirit in your cocktail with Free Spirits to make a drink free of or light on alcohol. “I look back at each time I drank one too many, and it wasn’t necessarily the alcohol I was after,” says founder Milan Martin. “I wanted a great cocktail, something complex and delicious made just for me.” $37 per bottle

For the exotic make-it-yourself home experience

Unless you have some previous experience with it, most home chefs don’t usually attempt the Spanish party favorite: paella. Mat Schuster, chef/owner at San Francisco’s Canela Bistro and Wine Bar, knew that and so he added mixed seafood, chicken and chorizo, and vegan with mixed veggies paella kits to his meal kit options. Needless to say, the kits became instantly popular. “When it took off as a pickup and delivery item, we realized that people would probably want to make it at home, but in a way that the outcome would be more successful and stress free,” Schuster says. “It’s still the number-one seller.” Prices range from $28 to $55 depending on size and ingredients; paella pans are also available.

For the health nut in the family

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore and Hilary Duff have in common? They have all used Sakara’s signature organic meal delivery program to gain more energy, lose weight, feel less bloated, improve skin clarity and increase focus. The flavorful meals, delivered prepackaged on a customizable weekly schedule, are based on a whole- food, plant-rich diet, full of hydrating and nutrient-dense superfoods. They are also all-organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO and have no refined sugar. “Americans aren’t eating enough plants every day so it’s crucial that we focus on eating fresh, live plants as the number one thing we can do to support
a healthy microbiome,” say co-founders and co-CEOs Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle. $27–$70 a day with weekly subscription